Upholstery Cleaning Perth

Upholstery Cleaning Perth Starts from $88


There is no one way to clean upholstery because every piece of furniture is different both in construction and material. You can trust Upholstery Cleaning Perth Technician to keep your precious antiques, newly purchased items or everyday furniture looking clean and refreshed. Our technicians have years of experience cleaning upholstered furniture with a variety of different fabrics, such as silk, wool, cotton and velvet. However some of these fabrics are difficult to clean, Carpet Cleaner Perth WA does not charge more for these fabrics. The cost for all upholstery cleaning is the same. We can also clean your patio furniture cushions, as well as the carpet and upholstery in your caravan.


Leather Upholstery Cleaning Process:


  • Pre-Cleaning Inspection: Inspect with client to identify all areas of concern and remove loose cushion
  • Surface Vacuuming: Remove dry soil and vacuum all areas under cushion.
  • Pre-spotting: Will address stubborn stains/spots using the correct procedure to prevent damage
  • Apply Spot Treatment
  • Apply Pre-treatment to loosen embedded soil and allow time to dwell.
  • Steam Clean the upholstery using the extractor machine.
  • Apply Professional Fabric Stain, Soil & Wear Protector


Comprehensive Leather & Fabric Upholstery Cleaning Perth:


Our technicians will test the fabric before beginning to determine the proper way to clean your upholstery. We consider the fabric construction, fibre content and dye stability in order to choose the safest, most effective method to clean your furniture. Our technician’s experience and judgement are key factors in selecting the most effective cleaning treatment.

We provide a comprehensive leather cleaning service. This is a safe, no mess – no fuss service where a leather cleanser is applied to remove all traces of soiling from the surface of the leather hide. This is a time consuming process, completed by hand to ensure that your valuable soft furnishing is restored to as close to as-new condition as possible.

When the leather has been professionally cleaned and restored a moisturising and conditioning creams is applied to further enhance the appearance and protect the leather from wear, tear and spills.


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