Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning Perth – 3 standard bedrooms from $88

(Standard room size max 15 sqm per room. Bigger size, excessive stainage, spoilage may incur a surcharge.)

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Carpet Cleaner Perth WA provides more than just steam cleaning for your carpet. Our steam cleaning services include the following full package to make your carpet as good as new:

  • Pre-Inspection: Fibre Identification & Evaluation of the best cleaning method to suit carpet type
  • Pre-vacuum:Using power head with HEPA Filtration Unit (Hospital grade)
  • Pre-spotting: Will address stubborn stains/spots using the correct procedure to prevent damage
  • Pre-spraying/conditioning: Using approved chemical to match fibre without damage
  • Rotary Agitation: Breaks down soiling lodged in the carpet fibre
  • Steam Cleaning: Hot Water Extraction using ‘state of the art; carpet cleaning equipment
  • Deodorising and Neutralising:No sticky chemical residues
  • Rotary Dry Pad:Using an effective Anti-microbial this process leaves your carpet in sanitary condition
  • Final Grooming: Remove any cleaning marks created through the process, leaving a pristine carpet presentation.
  • Turbo Drying: Assists with a speedy drying process


Carpet Cleaner Perth WA Carpet Steam Cleaning Services services offer a thorough clean to restore your carpet to the best condition and guarantee there will be no damage at all. By cleaning over 180 properties per month, we know all the tricks to restore carpet that no product on shelf will offer the same result. We are widely recognised by all major property management agency in Perth for our outstanding service, quality and competitive price.


We welcome your booking and any question related to your cleaning requirements. Therefore, you can always book or inquire about our service whenever you need our service. Please submit an enquiry or call 0416662071 now for free consultation. Our cleaners are all fully insured with 100% police clearance. Documents could be provided upon request.