How often should clean the carpet?

We recommend every 12 months for the most optimal result of carpet care and health care for your family.


How long does it takes to dry?

30 mins after clean.


How long does it take to clean the carpet?

It takes around 1.5 hrs to 4 hours depend on the size of the area that we need to clean.


Do you provide end of lease carpet cleaning?

Carpet Cleaner Perth WA does provide full vacate house clean and end of lease clean. Although we are the carpet, floor and upholstery expert, we partner with CKF End of Lease Cleaning Perth to provide cleaning for over 100 rental properties each month. Please feel free to contact us for consultation or a full quotation of vacate cleaning services for your property.

Will your carpet cleaning come with stain block treatment?

Blocking Stains: This unique additive helps block dye sites in the fibre that normally allow coloured food spills and beverages to become ugly stains. Carpets cleaned with Dry Fusion allow time to wet a white towel with warm water and wipe away a spill before it has time to soak in. Certain food dyes in pet food, some Indian/Asian food and some soft drinks cannot be protected against.

With the ability to produce a more constant heat contact with the carpet than any other cleaning system, plus produce the ‘shot-of-steam’ for heavy, greasy or stained areas, strong solvents or alkaline cleaning agents are not required.

Greasy stains, most food and drink spills like coffee come off easily. The pH of ACTIVATOR is totally safe and a neutral (ph7) is left in the carpet. WoolSafe approved is your guarantee of safety even on wool, oriental and Persian rugs.